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    With nearly three decades of expertise in PET preform, bottle, and rigid film production, we serve trusted customers in over 25 countries, ensuring quality and reliability.

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PET preforms

PET Preforms PET preforms Perfect bottle starts with perfect preform

PET bottles

PET Bottles PET bottles Your dream bottle? We can produce it

PET Rigid Film

Uncover the advantages of PET rigid film, tailor-made for thermoforming and FFS technologies. Perfect for creating various packaging such as trays, blister, retail, and medical, our film combines durability and optical clarity to enhance product presentation.



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Experience custom and innovative PET solutions that elevate your product's market appeal and operational efficiency.
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Leveraging over three decades of leadership in PET production to deliver quality and sustainability on a global scale.

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Committed to the planet, we utilize 100% renewable energy, driving the industry forward with sustainable packaging solutions.
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