In June 2017, the UAB “Putokšnis“ commenced the implementation of the project “Installation of a Solar Power Plant in the Enterprise of PET Industry“. The aim of the project is to reduce the intensity of energy consumption in the enterprise increasing the production and consumption of renewable energy sources. The planned to implement modern solar power plant will enable to reduce electricity costs in the enterprise and will contribute to the efficiency of the company’s performance, the improvement of working conditions in the company and the increase of the company’s competitive abilities.  The project will be beneficial not only to the company, but also to the whole country, whereas the ratio of renewable energy sources in the general balance of energy consumption will increase. The project will also be beneficial to the environment thus contributing to the conservation of nature. The project is implemented in compliance with the measure “Renewable Energy Resources for Industry LT+” of the implementation of the Priority 4 “Promoting of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Production and Use” of the Investment Action Programme of the European Union Funds for the years 2014-2020.