The purpose of the Company’s Procedures for Reporting Violations (hereinafter – the Procedure) of UAB Putokšnis (hereinafter – the Company) is to facilitate the collection, transmission and processing of information on existing and potential violations and to provide assistance in neutralizing and eliminating them, as well as to increase employee confidence by offering support and ensuring confidentiality, to raise the awareness of employees and the Company’s customers as well as external partners and to enable them to express their concern about the observed cases of negligence and / or possible violations to the Company’s representatives.

A violation is a criminal offence, a breach of administrative duties as well as a serious breach of mandatory professional ethics or any other violation of the law that threatens or violates the public interest, related to gender equality, direct and indirect discrimination in work environment related to gender equality, direct and indirect discrimination in work environment that may be intended, being committed or has already been committed in the Company, of which the notifier learns from his or her employment relationship or contractual relationship with the Company.

The person providing information on the violation must indicate in the report who committed, is committing or is preparing to commit the violation, when, in what way and what violation that person committed, commits or intends to commit, etc., the date of becoming aware of the violation, circumstances, if possible, provide any available documents, data or information revealing signs of the possible violation. If the complaint is non-anonymous, the person providing the information on the violation must also indicate his or her name, telephone number and / or e-mail address at which he or she will be informed of the decision taken, the outcome of the investigation and the action taken or planned to be taken.

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