PET Rigid Film

PET rigid film is dedicated for thermoforming and FFS machines to produce disposable packaging such as trays, blisters, bowls, lids, etc.

We have chosen state of the art technology of PET film extrusion to meet all customer requirements by keeping both highest quality standards and flexibility.

Our solutions

  • PET rigid film based on customer requirements or special demands.
  • Film made of virgin material or up to 100% recycled material.
  • Mono film structure solutions for sealable products.


  • 100% recyclable film.
  • Food grade quality.
  • Short delivery term.
  • Product range flexibility.
  • Sharing of our knowledge.

Rigid film specification

  • 3-layer (A/B/A) structure.
  • Film thickness range: from 150my up to 1.500my.
  • Film width: from 100mm up to 1.450mm.
  • Roll diameter: up to 1.200mm.
  • Horizontal or vertical roll packaging.
  • Internal anti-block or external silicon coating.
  • Various additive options.