Last Friday was a very special day for Doloop. We were honored to have the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Aušrinė Armonaitė, and her team visit us. They presented exciting business support measures that included a 1 billion euro investment plan to promote growth in the Lithuanian economy.

The Ministry’s plans were incredibly ambitious, aiming to offer businesses the widest possible range of support measures so that they could invest in their future and contribute to building a stronger and richer Lithuania. The package included 365 million euros for business innovation and investment, 320 million euros for state and business digitization, as well as 268 million euros for a green economy initiative. ♻

We welcomed this initiative with great enthusiasm at Doloop – we knew that these measures would help our business grow by providing us with access to much needed resources such as capital, technology, energy efficiency improvements, training opportunities, digital tools etc., all of which are essential components of success in today’s competitive economic environment. We look forward to seeing how our company will benefit from this plan over the coming years!

Finally we thank Minister Armonaitė once again for visiting us here at Doloop – we hope she enjoyed her time here just as much as we did!