In November Putokšnis achieved astonishing record in company’s history. Putokšnis has sold billions of preforms so far, but it is the first time it sold          1 000 000 000 preform in one year. This historical preform was delivered to one of our clients in The Netherlands.

This was achieved thanks to our excellent customers. We are very glad to have such a strong client base, which trusts us and believes in our company. Putokšnis is very grateful, that you, our clients and partners, chose us and we appreciate every second of work with you. We want to thank you 1 000 000 000 times!

Value-added partnership guarantees the best quality not only of our products, but also service around them. 2017 is not closed yet and we already achieving 30% growth. If that is not enough, in 2018 we are planning to grow up to 35% more. To keep up with the demand, big investments are being done into our production facilities and technique. You and your reliance are the ones who helps us to attain such a results.

In photo you can see historical preform being checked before delivery.